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On April 27th, students across the undergraduate college will present their scholarly works to students, faculty, parents, and community members. Celebration of Scholarship Day gives departments a chance to highlight scholarship while also providing current undergraduate students the opportunity to glimpse possibilities for future scholarship.  The following education majors will present to the community regarding their successful practices and leadership in the classroom.

ASCD Officers, Stephanie Schmidt, Alex Nuy, Katie Homan, and Regina Bettag: The Scholarship of Teaching: Bridging the Gap, Building Connections Between Novice and Veteran Teacher Leaders
Michelle Wegrzyn: The Scholarship of Teaching: The Power of Differentiating for Students, From Poetry to Science
Ciara Kowalczyk and Kassidy Hauschild: The Scholarship of Teaching: Varying Instruction to Meet Student Learner Needs, Movement, Music, Games, and Collaboration
Stephanie Schmidt and Megan Vander Lugt: The Scholarship of Teaching: The Power of Collaboration and Teamwork to Analyze Data, Form Flexible Groups, and Tier Assessment for Student Success
Sheyenne Bauer: The Scholarship of Teaching: Planning, Instruction, Assessment, and Relationships, It’s All About the Kids!
Abby Killian: The Scholarship of Teaching: Meeting Students Where They Are, Newsela, Anchor Charts, and More!
Alex Zuzek: The Scholarship of Teaching: Variety in Instruction—Be Fearless, Be Calm, and Take the Risk
Sr. Marie Faustina: The Scholarship of Teaching: Cultivating Virtue, The Necessary Scaffold for Lasallian Education
Alex Nuy: The Scholarship of Teaching: Content Knowledge, Passion, and Relationships with Students, Three Parts of Professionalism