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My head is so full of awesomeness, I need to dump it out like Halloween candy and sort it all out!
~ Year 1 M.Ed. learner and conference participant

The M.Ed. in Teaching and Learning program held their TEACH. LEARN. LEAD. spring conference on Saturday, April 6th. Over 250 current M.Ed. learners, facilitators, and M.Ed. alums gathered for a day of dialogue centered on the action research projects of M.Ed. learners graduating in May. The mid-day keynote speaker, “accidental author” Shelly Boyum-Breen author of the Shelly Bean the Sport Queen children’s series, inspired the crowd with her stories and call to action: Be your best self.  Live with purpose. Utilize your strengths.  You are wired to be awesome! Shelly’s stories reminded us how we continually grow and never know where our future dreams might take us.

One year 1 learner summed up the day like this, “TEACH. LEARN. LEAD. is a powerful and enlightening experience. You are sitting in a room with 9-10 professional educators engaging in dialogue to enhance student learning and your classroom environment by the following Monday morning. It is humbling and inspiring to have the opportunity to ask questions, engage in dialogue, and come away with new ideas that you can’t wait to try the following week.”