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Introducing Saint Mary’s CES 18, a program designed to meet the requirements established by the Higher Learning Commission for those teaching college level English and Math courses in the high school.

All coursework is offered fully online beginning May 2017. Students may choose to complete some or all of the 18 credits needed to satisfy requirements to teach college-level courses. In addition, all 18 credits transfer toward a M.A. in Education degree with an English or Math Specialization, if desired.

English courses have been specifically designed to enhance a student’s understanding of the ways in which language, critical perspective, and cultural situation impact the composition and analysis of texts. The program offers learners an advanced engagement with the key elements in the study of English: Author, Reader, Text, and Context.

English Course Offerings
E600 Ways of Reading (3 cr.)
E605 The Text in Focus (3 cr.)
E610 Authors and Authorship (3 cr.)
E615 Literature in English from Around the Globe (3 cr.)
E620 Literatures of the United States (3 cr.)
E625 Ways of Writing (3 cr.)

Our Math coursework focuses on developing the processes of logical thought, critical analysis and communication as they are used in mathematics and in the application of mathematics to problem solving.

Math Course Offerings
M600 Advanced Calculus (3 cr.)
M605 Matrix Theory (3 cr.)
M610 Complex Analysis (3 cr.)
M615 Combinatorics and Graph Theory (3 cr.)
M620 Geometry (3 cr.)
M625 Probability (3 cr.)

Saint Mary’s University is currently working to develop CES programs for those teaching college level Science and Social Studies courses and we expect that these programs will become available during the 2017-2018 school year. More information will be available soon!