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Our Master of Arts in Education program is now fully online and you can choose your specialty. Specializations include:

  • New! Mental Health in Education (15 credits)
    Equips educators to be better aware and able to address the social and emotional health of their students. Over the five courses, learners reflect on their conceptualization of mental health, understand the needs of students from birth through grade 12, identify how and when to access additional resources, and improve the overall well-being of the classroom and school environment.
  • Curriculum & Instruction (15 credits)
    Sharpen your teaching skills to create a more engaging learning environment. Receive guidance on developing curriculum and instruction methods that promote increased achievement while learning to implement corresponding assessments that more accurately monitor student performance.
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching (15 credits)
    Develop skills to improve students’ classroom experiences inclusive of all cultural backgrounds. Throughout your learning, you’ll be encouraged to consider multiple racial and cultural perspectives as you develop a culturally responsive teaching approach.

Complete your M.A. in Education for an additional 18 credits.