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But what is GROWTH?
It’s acknowledging that one can err
Moving from error to changing the error
The humility to ask for help
Taking a step back to see
Mastery in us all

Growth is being called Auntie Lopez by my students
Elevation to a station of respect higher than Teacher
Growth is acknowledging the diminishing fear in teaching
Growth is seeing the other side of history and asking
What’s going on here?
What gives me the right?

Growth is saying IDK what IDK
Growth is listening to the new voice
The one that says “Don’t give up. I’ll try again tomorrow”

Growth is finding balance
Balance between work and life
Balance between guilt and fighting
Balance between warmth and demander
Balance between Maslow and Blooms.

My growth is me

So I stand here today
Not the same as before
But not totally new
A Me.2

Written by Kathryn Lopez

Kathryn Lopez recently completed the M.A. in Education program at Saint Mary’s University of MN and will graduate in June of 2018.  Kathryn currently teaches Spanish at Roseville Middle School in Roseville, MN